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Backstory to Hebrews


There is a lot we don’t know about the backstory to Hebrews.​​

The center-piece of the book is the explanation of the Tabernacle and its religious practices, including the Day of Atonement, showing how Jesus is the culmination of all of that and thus superior to all of that. This appears in Hebrews 9-10.
  • Who wrote Hebrews: unknown
  • Who Hebrews was written to: uncertain but it was either written to Jewish Christians in Rome or Jerusalem.
  • When was Hebrews written: there is some debate but most likely it was written in the mid-60’s before the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

But the purpose of Hebrews is clear. Hebrews was written to urge the readers to remain faithful to Jesus rather than leaving Him behind to return to Judaism.
The author pursues this purpose by explaining some way in which Jesus is superior to the Old Covenant and then exhorting the readers to faithfulness. He alternates between explanation and exhortation all throughout the book.

A replica of the Tabernacle as described in Exodus